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zhou youguang Google honors Chinese with doodle

Google marks anniversary of hip-hop with new interactive doodle

The search engine site, which sometimes uses its homepage to honor prominent figures, is highlighting the artist to celebrate him on what would have been his 112th birthday.

Born Zhou Yaoping in China on Jan. 13, 1906, he was raised by a Qing Dynasty official. By the time he was a teenager, he developed an interest in linguistics and earned his high school diploma with honors. 

After graduation, he attended St. John's University in Shanghai, where he studied economics and linguistics. He later transferred to Guanghua University, where he graduated in 1927.

Throughout his career, he taught economics as a college professor. Then in 1955, the Chinese government placed him at the head of a committee to reform the Chinese language to improve literacy.

 Google doodle: Who was Nigerian author Chinua Achebe
For three years, he and members of the committee developed Pinyin, the official romanization system for Standard Chinese in mainland China, transforming the Chinese language.

“The new system transformed China’s literacy rate, providing more natural passage into the written language, which requires mastering thousands of characters,” Google wrote on its blog. “It bridged multiple Chinese dialects with its shared designations of sound.”

Known as the “Father of Pinyin,” he went on to write 40 books, and he translated the Encyclopedia Britannica into Chinese.

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Google honors Chinese linguist Zhou Youguang with doodle

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In 2017, he died at his home in Beijing at age, a day after his 111th birthday. Now Google is paying tribute.

Check out the doodle archive  to see his animated doodle.

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Manipuladores de alimentos
• Pinto (Madrid), Madrid (España)
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• Puedes consultar mas ofertas de empleo haciendo clic Aquí.

• Estudios mínimos
Educación Secundaria Obligatoria

• Experiencia mínima
Al menos 1 año

• Descripción
Leroy Processing Spain es una empresa joven en plena expansión en España que pertenece a Leroy Seafood, multinacional noruega.

Buscamos gente entusiasta, positiva y con ilusión para formar parte de un proyecto ambicioso y de un equipo abierto y con ganas de crecer.

Por ampliación del equipo de la planta Sushi, necesitamos incorporar a personas con experiencia en alimentación, cocina o en manipulación de alimentos en cadena productiva además de personal con experiencia en almacén y preparación de pedidos. La fabrica esta situada en Pinto.

Los turnos de trabajo son rotativos de mañana, tarde y noche. El contrato es de 40 horas de Domingo a Viernes librando los sábados.

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Ofrecemos estabilidad laboral en una empresa joven y en pleno crecimiento.

Necesario tener vehículo.

• Tipo de industria de la oferta
Gran consumo y alimentación

• Categoría
Profesiones, artes y oficios – Consumo y alimentación

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• Personal a cargo

• Número de vacantes

• Duración del contrato

• Horario
Turnos rotativos de mañana, tarde y noche

• Salario
12.000€ – 15.000€ Bruto/año

If You Love Your Weekly Target Runs, You're Going To Identify With This Doggo So Hard

Making a Target run is basically the highlight of my week.

The atmosphere's great, I know where all my favorite foods are, and I usually leave with a few delightful things I didn't actually need but definitely wanted. Even though my bank account takes a beating, I come home pretty satisfied.

One furry critter took a quick run through Target with her mom and had a similarly delightful experience, and seeing her excited face will basically make you squeal.

This is Zira. She's a Corgi/Australian Shepherd mix, and she is having the best time ever running around Target in her cart. According to her owner, the employees and patrons alike could not get enough of her.

This picture basically cured my acne, cleaned my house, and filed my taxes for me. That's how pure and good it is. OMG, I cannot get enough.

If, like me, you find Zira to be a calming and positive force in your life, good news! She has an Instagram.

Here's one more picture, just because.

Whew! I feel like I need to catch my breath and go hug my own adorable doggo, stat!

The Biggest Myth In NBA History: Michael Jordan Played Against Better Competition In Better Era

Michael Jordan Played Against Better Competition In Better Era
Michael Jordan Played Against Better Competition In Better Era

Obviously, archangel Jordan is Associate in Nursing uncomparable nice player in NBA history. His career speaks for itself, however thanks to the amount of your time he vieand therefore the continued globalisation of the NBA throughout a time once he was primarily larger than the league itself, there ar bound myths that became wideaccepted once trying back at his career. during all|one amongst|one in every of} those is that he’s immensely superior to others as a result of he vie in a higher and additional competitive era of basketball, once in reality, it couldn’t be beyond the reality. Let’s cross-check some facts.

1. JORDAN vie IN Associate in Nursing growth ERA.

Firstly, Jordan vie (and principally won) championships throughout Associate in Nursing growth era of the league. Yes, believe it or not, archangel Jordan vie throughout Associate in Nursing era wherever the league was still making an attempt to seek out its own identity and incorporate totally different cities of America into the league. thanks to this, Jordan vie against a number of the worst competition the league has ever seen, owning a number ofthe worst records in NBA history that also stand nowadaysthroughout his career, 6 sub .500 groups were another to the league, that successively, diluted Associate in Nursing already inferior talent pool at intervals the first stages of the league development.


As we’ve already established, the league was still discovering itself and developing throughout MJ’s career, and as a locality of that development, league rules were conjointly a central a part of that modification. Now, i do know what a number of you're thinking, however before you begin yell “hand checking, hand checking”, detain mind, Jordan viethroughout a time wherever the nonlegal defense rule existed. this is often large as a result of hand checking is actually nothing as compared. The magnitude of the rule doesn’t compare to the importance of the nonlegal defense. while not the flexibility to play a zone defense or something near it, defensive schemes were less elaborate and groups were unable to send or perhaps show multiple bodies at stars. are you able to imagine a league these dayswithin which superstars were left with single man coverages? That was the truthare you able to imagine players like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin William James Durant etc having the ability to primarily go one-on-one with a defender WHO has been left there on Associate in Nursing island with no hope in stopping them? It’s crazy once you admit that currently therein lightweightare you able to imagine a number of the numbers the additional trendy superstars may have place up thereupon luxury.
Since the rule was enforced, players like Kobe Bryant, thespian McGrady and Carmelo Anthony have all explicit if that they had to vary one rule the NBA, it might be eliminating the zone defense, which might alter them to be ready toabsolutely showcase their offensive talent one-on-one with a defender. MJ had that individual luxury that differentscorers didn’t. Another notable rule modification is that the “best of 5” rather than the “best of 7” competition series we tend to ar conversant in nowadaysmoreoverdifferent rule changes embrace the three-point line being a fullfoot nearer to the basket for a period of your time. As Jordan was being defeated and beat up by the dangerous Boy Pistons, the league checked out and commenced to implement the penalization for over physical fouls and plays normallythat motor-assisted Jordan’s game. this is often why once asked concerning Jordan, Wilt Chamberlin once aforementioned “Just keep in mind (Michael), once you vie, they modified the principles to create it easier for you to dominate…when I vie, they modified the principles to create it tougher for me”.

3. MAJOR STATISTICS INDICATE it had been in reality Associate in Nursing INFERIOR ERA also
You’d suppose that if the idea Jordan vie in a very higher era the numbers would back that up, right? Well they in reality do the alternative. Major stats taken across the board for the period of his career indicate that Jordan did in reality play in Associate in Nursing inferior era to today’s game. the Points Per game average was higher despite the fastadditional possessions per game we tend to expertise nowadaysthe sector Goals created per game was higher, Field Goals tried across the board we tend tore higher on the average once more despite the supreme pace we see night in and night out these daysthe Field Goal share was conjointly higher. All in all, saving you some reading time, advanced stats are not favorable. to not mention primarily everything that should do with outside shooting, the three-point line and overall potency being higher nowadays.

This is obvious, however merely place – individual and overall defense were less advanced once Jordan vie. I usuallyhear folks claiming Jordan “would average fifty during this era”, however let’s be real, he wouldn’t average fifty (no one may do that), and even though he did average a high points per game average, it might be right down to the exaggerated pace and additional possessions, not as a result of the defenses or defensive players ar worse currentlyas a result of they’re not.
Defensive schemes were extraordinarily oversimplified compared to the trendy NBA era, and as we’ve established, the principles throughout this era were a serious issue. Defensive data and implementation was considerablyworse, with groups not very putting off what different groups or stars likeable to try and do on any given night. Double-teaming, triple-teaming and stable gear were non-existent, play calls were less elaborate, timeouts were used less effectively, and therefore the entire plan of action aspect of the sport was worlds removed from what it'scurrentlythe sport was positively additional physical however being additional physical will in no means form or type mean the defense was higheras a result of it wasn’t.

It’s no secret Jordan destroyed the competition, however it’s terribly fascinating once they praise Jordan for dominating, however discredit today’s competition as compared. It’s fascinating as a result of what folks fail to graspis that Jordan vie within the 90s version of the CA Warriors that we tend to see pan the league nowadays. Jordan’s Bulls were completely the equivalent in their era. in fact each groups were designed and made otherwisehowevertheir dominance and standing were an equivalent. Jordan vie beneath the arguably the best coach we’ve ever seen in Phil Jackson, with one amongst the simplest 2 means players we’ve ever seen in Scotch terrier Pippen WHO was Associate in Nursing most valuable player caliber talent, a supreme bunch of role players WHO were specialist shooters in a very time wherever there have been a lot of but currently in Steve Kerr, BJ Armstrong, Toni Kukoc, Craig Hodges and John Paxson, and therefore the greatest rebounder and perhaps defender ever in Dennis Rodman. This isn’t to say different nice items however you get the purpose – the competition was less and Jordan vie in arguably the foremost dominant team the league has ever seen. not like different superstars, Jordan ne'er visaged a team within the playoffs or NBA Finals that had a stronger team or head coach than he did.


We’ve already spoken concerning competition, and therefore the lack there of, however let’s go to a small degreedeeper with this. we tend to board the golden age of guards these days within the NBA, and once you very admit it, not solely was the guard position not as sturdy throughout MJ’s career, the shortage of competition and talent was awful as comparedonce Jordan retired, the Bulls won solely 2 less games consecutive season, Scotch terrierPippen was arguably the most valuable player and therefore the Bulls were a play or decision removed fromreaching to another NBA Finals, all while not Jordan. This speaks volumes on each the shortage of overall competition, and additional proof of however sensible and well-coached those Bulls groups were. If competition was as high as folks understand it had been, it wouldn’t be doable to lose the simplest player within the game and staynearly identical through the regular season also as sound on the door for one more NBA Finals.

Jordan’s direct competition was conjointly poor. If you're thinking that concerning the players that truly had to envision him one-on-one, besides a few of exceptions the resistance was stripped and laughable in apprehension. I mean, players like John Havlicek and Reggie Miller, really? one amongst Jordan’s most celebrated shots ever was over the Cavaliers’ Craig Elho. Elho himself aforementioned that moment created him additional celebrated than something he ever did on the ground and it’s true. Jordan went against Karl student and John Stockton in their later years affirmativehowever neither of them were directly checking him, nor will anyone realistically name another person off the highest of their head thereon list that was price mentioning aboard Stockton and student. Jordan even went against city Payton (who is listed at 6”4’ however isn’t near that), and Payton really vie him the simplest out of anyone before obtaining hurt.

I’m not spoken language Jordan vie against nobodyhowever the competition is certainly diluted and misjudged for that amount of your timefolks forget that arguably the 2 greatest ever defenders really vie aboard Jordan rather than guarding him. He ne'er had to place buckets on Dennis Rodman or Scotch terrier Pippen once it matters most or once a hoop was on the road, they were right there next to him within the same jersey. moreoverfolks claim the East is dangerous these days however have quickly forgotten however dangerous it had been now and then in those days also. The 85/86 Bulls went 30-52 and created the playoffs, the 90-91 big apple Knicks went 39-43 and created the playoffs, however the 15/16 Bulls go 40-42 missing out on the playoffs, only one of the many comparisons that may be created throughout that point.

We haven’t even mentioned the continued globalisation of the league that exaggerated the talent pool and competition across the globe over time, particularly with the ecu players. or perhaps dived into the flexibility and chance of generations to be told off the past and higher this.

All in all it’s really consistently and basically not possible for any skilled sport to urge worse over time. That’s not opinion that’s simply science and therefore the evolution of the sport and skilled sports normallyi feel it’s onerousfor the older generation of basketball “greats” to just accept and perceive, and it’s a reason why they’re fast to discredit and decide the trendy NBA player, however it's what it's.

Michael Jordan is completely a basketball icon and can forever stay that meanshowever there ar some myths that aralive and thought of as indisputable fact that shouldn’t be the case. this is often one amongst them. the reality is, archangel Jordan vie in a very less advanced and developed time in basketball, and it’s alright to acknowledge it.